1235509_10151775605423644_836430421_nHey everyone!

Well it’s been about a year and a half since I’ve posted anything on this site and a lot has happened since then.

After much thought and sorting through some personal stuff, I made the difficult decision of quitting a very good career that I had worked very hard to get and take some time off to reivaluate a few things in my life. I’ve taken this opportunity to hit the road and travel the world, using the money from selling Victor and my life savings. (I miss having a motorcycle *sniffle)

I left Canada in March 2013, for South East Asia where I spent 6 months visiting Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. It was an amazing adventure but went through a period where I just wasn’t motivated to blog or even journal about my experiences at that time.

On August 24, 2013 my little nephew Andreus was brought into this world. He is my first nephew and my brother and sis in law’s first child. It was important for me to be a part of this moment so I went back to Canada for 2 months to help out as much as I could. It was really great to be able to reconnect with everyone and meet my little love but I was facing the big decision of either returning to work or continuing to travel.

I decided I wasn’t finished with this chapter…

So I flew to Africa, starting in Morocco. Spent an unexpected Christmas in Paris with a friend who flew out at the last minute, then off to Ethiopia where I spent a second Christmas (old calendar orthodox Christmas Jan 7) in incredible Lalibela.

I am currently in Moshi, Tanzania waiting to climb Kilimanjaro. I made the decision to climb Mt. Meru first as conditioning for climbing Kili but I fell ill with Bronchitis and had an allergic reaction to some meds unfortunately and am waiting to get better. The original plan was to reach the summit on my birthday on Feb.15. I thought it would be an EPIC way to celebrate my birthday on top of one of the world’s highest peaks, so I was a little disappointed, but things do happen for a reason so I’ve been trying to stay positive and use my time to catch up on communicating with friends and family back home, sorting through photographs and begin writing again.

I’ve had 9 days to myself and have been motivated to start a new blog called ‘RANDOM INSPIRATIONS FROM AROUND THE WORLD’ I wanted a different format and theme for this one from the last. Instead of blogging about day to day happenings, I wanted to condense my experiences to make it more meaningful. There are new categories in this one such as ‘CALAMITIES AND HILARITIES’  and ‘TRAVELLER’S REVELATIONS’ that I’ve been slowly adding to. I’ve also gone back and added memories that have stuck out in South East Asia. I’m still a little behind so my apologies, for this will be a work in progress. I hope that I am able to continue to add to the blog on a more regular basis once I hit the road again. But between the momentum of travelling constantly and the unreliable internet in Africa, it will prove to be a challenge.

My current plan is to continue to move south into Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Madagascar and South Africa but plans change as you know so we’ll see where it takes me…

I would very much be honoured if you all continued to follow me on my new adventures on the new blog. Click on the following link to direct you to the other site and add yourself on the ‘Follow’ tab on the top right hand side.


Much love,



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