MAY 25 – It decided to rain today en route to Coos Bay but I’ll take that over the 40km /hr winds I fought the day before. And the worst part is that you couldn’t anticipate which way the wind would come! One minute it was blowing me towards the ditch, the next minute it was blowing me into oncoming traffic! But by the end of the day, my hands got the worst of it. They were so stiff and cold from the rain and wind that when I went to check into the hotel I had trouble trying to get my fingers to grab my credit card from my purse. They were pretty red and achy. Took a while to get them warmed up again.

Anyways, the ride from Mendocino to Eureka was spectacular! Had the best of everything on this trip. Ancient Redwood forests, streams, rolling hills and curve after curve of sweeping corners, the timing worked out so that I soon got into a flowing rhythm with the bike. This route seemed more suited for Victor. After I had the bike lowered, I soon realized it was a big mistake as I found myself scraping my footpegs around tight corners more often than I care to remember. Once I return to Calgary, I will likely get it raised again. It is quite frustrating knowing what your bike is capable of, but unable to utilize it because of a mechanical alteration you made without putting much thought into it. There was coastline as well but forgot how beautiful Oregon’s Coast was and you can see a distinct difference as soon as you literally cross the border. It took my breath away…

It was a long haul that day, didn’t get to Coos until 7:30pm but did make time to stop at Leggett, CA to ride through the 2400 year old Chandelier Tree which is about 315ft in height and 21ft in diameter. A couple from Arkansas came over and the man exclaimed: “I have a Harley at home and we’ve followed you on the road, and you’re doing a great job! Be careful out there!” and his wife offers to take a picture with me and the bike under the tree.

I stop in a town called Rio Dell, to fuel up and have a bite to eat and when I get

WOW! If there’s a will, there’s a way!

outside I see this BMW Enduro, hauling a mountain bike on the back seat! Had to take a picture of that. What an epic ride that would make!Should be able to do the entire Oregon coastline today. Coos is overcast right now but should be clearing up as i continue North. Gotta go load up the bike now.


2 responses to “PCH: MENDOCINO, CA TO COOS BAY, OR

  1. Ahhhh. The rain. Don’t you love it. Not as much as those big trees and old growth forest you were able to ride through north of mendocino and onward. That little section north of Eureka is a wacky microclimate of a rainforest. Fantastic pics and good luck on the ride up the coast!

    • Thanks! They were all taken with my iPhone. I use this app called Hipstamatic and takes awesome pictures. I probably utilize this app more than anything else on my phone.

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