MAY 24 – Took the bike to the shop in the morning near downtown San Francisco. Decided to go for a walk while I waited. Made it to Alamo Square where I saw the painted ladies (row of Victorian homes with downtown skyscrapers in background). For those who use to watch the television sitcom, ‘Full House’, in the opening credits, you see a shot of this area with the family having a picnic in the foreground.

After Alamo Square, walked over Haight-Ashbury District, known as one of the major centers for the Hippie movement back in the 60’s. Not what I had expected at all… Although it still maintains a Bohemian atmosphere, with interesting boutiques and coffee shops, the Hippies have now been replaced with a younger generation of Hippie wannabes, drug addicts  and panhandlers.  Where have the Hippies all gone you ask? Most have migrated outside San Francisco to smaller towns, especially Mendocino and surrounding areas. This is where I stayed the night in fact. Mendocino is recognized as the town in ‘Murder She Wrote’. It is very small but very scenic and peaceful. Took a walk over to the cliffs overlooking the Ocean as the sun set. I’d have to say this place is definitely one of my favorite towns so far. I will be back again.

Take note: started with 13,600 km on this trip from San Fran. Left at 12:30pm. The ride up to Mendocino from San Francisco was fantastic! I’m not sure why Big Sur gets all the hype. I really enjoyed that too but after this ride, I think it is a little overrated. This section of the Pacific Coast Highway has its share of breathtaking Coastline but it doesn’t stop there. It takes you through old growth Red Wood forests, meadows, rural farmlands, many curves and what seems to be less traffic! If I had to choose between the two, I would choose this stretch over Big Sur.

Now off to cruise through the Red Wood forests of Northern California into Oregon’s captivating coastline. Stay tuned.








  1. Great stuff, writing, pics and feeling.

    By the way, I love the look of your blog on the iPad. You’ve obviously chosen a responsive theme, and it looks wonderful on the iPad!

    • Thanks! Total fluke on my part, liked the layout on the computer. Thought it was easier for bloggers to read. Some are just so confusing to navigate through.

      • I’ll have to show you this or someone on an iPad, totally responsive, swipe-able and featured photos with excerpts layout on the page beautifully!

      • I just bought an iPad a couple of months ago, after I started the blog, totally know what you’re talking about. Great lay out to read but it’s a pain in the butt to type new blogs. It wont let me download pics on the page so I have to use a regular computer.

  2. Stephanie Jill Rudd

    Oh Gosh, its wonderful. Thankyou for travelling and sharing these sights with us. Feel a small measure of what it must to be there; and looking forward to more. Happy travelling

    • Thank you Stephanie. That just reafirms that a lot of us share this desire to seek out more meaning in our lives. We all are on different paths to get there but in the end we all seek the same thing. Enlightement. Thank you again for following and using your imagination. Like I said before I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction. “Thoughts become things! (Choose the good ones)”

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